Changing MTU size of wlan0 to 9000


I’m trying to change the MTU size of the ‘wlan0’ interface to 9000 bytes (current size is 1500 bytes).
I know that jumbo frames are typically used on wired Ethernet connections but we want to change it for wireless connections.
This is the error I get:

sudo ip link set dev wlan0 mtu 9000
Error: mtu greater than device maximum.

Is there any way to change the device maximum?
Does the wi-fi protocol can even support this packet size?

Hi ,
Which NIC are you using?

Generally, NVIDIA NIC can support 9000 MTU.
But I don’t think NVIDIA manufactures wireless NIC currently.

It’s better ask the manufacturer of the NIC you’re using.


I’m using the ConnectX-6 Dx card - NVIDIA ConnectX-6 Dx Network Adapters | NVIDIA

hi ,

Could you introduce more about how you use CX6-Dx with wireless connections ?

A simple topo will be helpful to understand this.



Sorry about my confutation - the CX6-DX card is for wired connection.
We currently use the inner Ethernet card that comes with the Jetson AGX Orin 64GB devkit.

We want to use 2 Jetson machines - one for each side of the link, and send 9KB packets between them over Wi-Fi.

We tried to set one of them as a router (using Hotspot) and the other as access point. Distance between both machines was less then 1 meter (Link was very good) and we used iPerf to measure the throughput. The maximal available rate we got was 100Mbps.

Thank you for providing more information.

Could you try RJ45 connector with the Jetson AGX Orin? That’s expected up to 1/10 GbE.

By the way, it’s better ask Jetson Orin questions (ex, the MTU on Jetson) here:



I need the wireless connection so the RJ45 will not work for me.
I’m trying to reach more than 400Mbps throughput between Two AGX dev kit and the maximum I get is ~330Mbps - do you know to tell me what is the maximum throughput of their built-in Wi-Fi card?