Chromium GBM/Wayland shared gpu handles

Is there any way to support accelerated off-screen rendering in Chromium with Nvidia drivers and Linux?

After recent patches in Chromium 122 it now works on X11 DRI3 on Intel and AMD, but the dri3 Open function implementation is missing on NV driver as mentioned here: DRI3Open missing in the X11 driver for wlroots compositors

A possible workaround would be to use GBM, but at least in the minigbm library Nvidia seems not to be supported. So, the only chance, I guess, is the Wayland GBM method? But is it by any chance supported on current or future driver?

This is a huge use case for example for OBS Studio and similar desktop apps. Chromium offscreen renderers are also widely used to render HTML graphics in the cloud, for all the social live streaming use cases and broadcast industry.