Clara Parabrics at single GeForce 4060 Ti?


I would like to ask whether Clara Parabrics (v4.1.0 with Ada Lovelace support) would work with single GPU GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 16GB ?
After reading datasheets and manuals, I understand it should work, but asking for sure.

If so, could you estimate how fast would be alignment with fq2bam vs. bwa-mem at CPU ?
Now I run bwa-mem (and bwa-mem2) at two workstations Core i7 9700K (cores threads 8/8) and Core i9 10940X (cores threads 14/28), both 128GB RAM.



Hello @kopsa.tomas,

We do not support Parabricks on that GPU at this time, but you might be able to run some pipelines on it.

As for the speedup, we would expect probably an order of magnitude speedup between GPU and CPU. It’s hard to say further as we do not support this exact GPU.

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