Required number of GPUs for Parabricks

I’d appreciate someone letting me know the required number of GPUs specified by the Hardware Requirements section.

Getting Started with Clara Parabricks - NVIDIA Docs

  • System Requirements:
    • A 2 GPU system should have at least 100GB CPU RAM and at least 24 CPU threads.
    • A 4 GPU system should have at least 196GB CPU RAM and at least 32 CPU threads.
    • A 8 GPU system should have at least 392GB CPU RAM and at least 48 CPU threads.

Does this specification restrict the system to 2 GPU, 4 GPU, or 8 GPU? I think it could allow one GPU system because we would have one GPU configuration in AWS, for example.

I would like to define one GPU server product with Clara Parabricks, but some NVIDIA guy in Japan told me that one GPU should not be allowed.

I am looking for your quick and kind response.

Hi @kobayashi-yusuke,

It is correct that it is not recommended to run Parabricks with just 1 GPU. You are allowed to do it, but we cannot guarantee optimal performance or guarantee that it will run properly in all cases.

Thank you