Client - Factors affecting resolution and anti aliasing

Hi - I’m testing clients for Quest 2 (APK that ships with CloudXR SDK) and Pico Neo 3 (Pico code is here GitHub - picoxr/CloudXR_Client_Demo).

On the same network, the Pico client app appears to be displaying at a lower resolution and/or there are aliased edges. I was wondering if there were any specific switches either in the config file or in code that could be used to control this?

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I haven’t tried the pico client, so can’t say firsthand. I think the display resolution is similar, so some of it could come down to difference in optics and how each warps. Alsocould be network stack and/or wifi chip causing more packet drops or otherwise impacting bandwidth.

First thing to try is enabling foveation. Using option “-f 50” as my default go-to value, but you could try 60 or 70 for less impact.