Resolution mismatch between client and server

I’ve got a Valve Index I’m testing with CloudXR. I was running the OpenVR benchmark, when I noticed a discrepancy: SteamVR locally calls 100% resolution 2016x2240; but the CloudXR virtual HMD SteamVR calls 100% resolution the physical resolution 1440x1600. That lead me to wonder why (a) SteamVR didn’t report physical resolution at 100% and (b) why CloudXR does ​ report physical resolution.

From what I can tell, SteamVR calls an upsampled resolution “100%” because of warping, i.e., they require more pixels to be rendered because after warping its effectively less pixels. I know that CloudXR does a late warp, but doesn’t that imply it should have more pixels as well?

Any light you can shed would be welcome.

Running CloudXR 2.0, not 2.1, in case that matters.

I think it because CloudXR has a over sampling feature to allow it render more pixel than actually need, you can disable it to match with actually resolution rendered in SteamVR, by -m paramter, range from 0.5-2.0, 1 is use actual resolution.