[Closed] How to set WDR DOL sensor mode

hello vsw,

following the assumption in comment #19, is the issue gone by working with multi-session mode.

So DOL WDR mode with >1 sensors is valid only with multi-session mode.
And in base mode any number of sensors can work with single or multi-session modes.

May be it should be fixed in documentation for Argus?

hello vsw,

could you please point out which paragraph need to revise.

May be 3.3 or 3.4. Somthing like: WDR DOL mode works only in multi-session when using 1> sensors.

hello vsw,

we only tested DOL sensor mode with single camera, which is IMX274 running DOL at 4K@30-fps.
according to comment #19, DOL capture result depends on different exposure time fusion, hence AE algorithm must running individually.
that’s why WDR DOL mode works only in multi-session when using multi-sensors.

Ok. Thanks. Closed.

Is there any documentation on how the DOL HDR mode works? I know basic concept of camera has 2 exposures that occur in rapid succession. How does argus handle this? Are there 2 streams available? Is the data from the 2 streams combined? I’m using Leopard Imaging’s IMX274 which has the 2-exposure mode working, and I see a frame in argus_camera (looks a little washed out). But would like some details on how I can control the WDR setttings (what are relative exposures etc.) and how to access the data (whether it’s high bit-depth single buffer or multiple streams). I tried reading through documentation but didn’t see much on DOL-HDR.

hello stmpixels,

you might contact with your sensor vendor to have more details about the DOL signaling.
please also check Sensor Software Driver Programming Guide about the specific configurations for DOL sensors.

BTW, since this ticket already closed.
suggest you initial another new discussion thread next time.