CloudXR for web browsers

For the market we would like to address the best delivery platform would be web-browsers on smartphones. Rather than having the end-user download an app, they could just open a link and go to a webpage. The webpage might rund WebXR to obtain real-time pose data that it could potentially seend back to the CloudXR backend. With some tweaks to the server side and a JS-library this ought to be possible.!

This would be a fantastic way to do RTX compute through CloudXR!



Agreed, great idea. We will definitely look at it. Thanks for the suggestion Jan-Erik.

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Hi Greg,
This direction would be hugely beneficial for a Quest2 deployment as well.
Can you confirm that your team indeed looked at it and let us know when we could be expecting that feature in the SDK?

Also particularly interested in this. WebXR is an amazing delivery mechanism but being able to delegate the rendering also would open a lot of possibilities.

FWIW GitHub - FusedVR/VRStreaming: Unity Render Streaming SDK to stream VR from CloudXR to WebXR over WebRTC but based on Unity.