Coin battery to maintain clock?

When I unplug my Xavier NX Developer board, I want the clock to keep time so that when I plug it in again it has the correct date and time. I think most computers have this capability, but my Xavier doesn’t. Is it just that mine is missing a coin battery? Is there a coin battery I can buy and insert?

Yes, a backup power supply is necessary for RTC clock. Please refer to below info from module datasheet.

An optional back up battery can be attached to the VCC_RTC module input to maintain the module real-time clock (RTC) when VIN is not present. This pin is connected directly to the onboard PMIC. Details of the types of backup cells that optionally can be connected are found in the PMIC manufacturer’s data sheet. When a backup cell is connected to the PMIC, the RTC retains its contents and can be configured to charge the backup cell as well. RTC accuracy is 2 seconds/day.

The following backup cells may be attached to this pin:
• Super capacitor (gold cap, double layer electrolytic)
• Standard capacitors (tantalum)
• Rechargeable Lithium Manganese cells

The backup cells must provide a voltage in the range 2.5V to 3.5V. These are charged with a constant current, and a constant voltage charger that can be configured between 2.5V and 3.5V (constant voltage) output and 50 uA to 800 uA (constant

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