COM Port's not detecting Jetson Nano

I’m running Ubuntu v18.04.6 on Virtual Box and was wondering how I should attempt to troubleshoot my COM ports. I have a Micro USB to USB plugged into my desktop. I was told to switch to Linux as it would be easier to diagnose.

I can’t answer, each VM is different. What you’re seeing is the nature of the VM, that unless you pass through the USB, the VM can’t see it. Or in some cases people set it up and it can see it initially, but a disconnect/reconnect cycle fails to reconnect. Your virtual box documentation is what would tell you about USB passthrough since the flash software has no knowledge of the concept that it is running in a VM. This is the main reason why VMs are not officially supported…it isn’t because they can’t work, but is instead because it is up to each VM setup (whereas a native install, e.g., dual boot, “just works”).

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