Failed to recovery mode

I’m trying to flash my nano jetson board but currently failing at the recovery mode part. I don’t know where i went wrong or what should i do. image below shown that i have connected the FRC (force recovery) and GNR (ground) buses. But when i connect the board to my linux machine through micro-usb port, it doesn’t work, i am unable to find the machine through lsusb command, or sdkmanager. Your help would be greatly appreciated


Do you remember to connect the power adapter when trying to flash?

of course i do, i even make sure the power led is on

Is there any new log coming from the dmesg on your host side when you connect the micro usb cable to it?

i run lsusb command and nothing new appear

dmesg command. Not lsusb.

okay, i’ll do it and get back to you in a sec

unfortunately, i don’t see anything new either

  1. Is your host PC a VM?

  2. Did you ever use this host PC to flash any jetson nano before?

  3. Do you have other jetson nano boards on your side?

  1. yes it is
  2. no i didn’t
  3. no i don’t

The flash tool does not support virtual machine well. It is possible that the VM is the cause.

Please try to use a native ubuntu 18.04 host to validate.

dammit, okay, thank you, at least i have an answer. really appreciate your help

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One more thing, i’m planning to install and run ubuntu parallely with my windows. Would that count as a native ubuntu, or do i have to uninstall my window?

Yes, a dual system is ok.

i’m running it in my native ubuntu now and things still remain the same, can i have your opinion?

Make sure that recovery is held on (to ground as you mentioned) while adding power or resetting power, and then let go of it. It is like holding a shift key down to get a capital letter, but you are acting on a power up event.

FYI, VMs tend to not pass through USB and this is why they are not supported. If you mean running Linux as a second boot option, then this is not a VM, but if you run Linux in a VM in Windows, then that is a VM. Odds would be very high the VM is not passing through USB correctly.

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