[Comm Channel Samples]cannot run cc_server: Connection aborted


I’m trying to run Comm Channel Samples. But when try to start listen in server, doca_comm_channel_ep_listen returns “Connection aborted”.

The document saids “Connection aborted” means “registration of service failed”, but what is the service meaning here?

What’s more, is there any configuration about network need to configure previously?The comm channel document didn’t mention it.

Here is some key parameters of my program,I think these parameters should satisfy the limitation in the documentation:

struct doca_comm_channel_init_attr attr = {256,DOCA_CC_INIT_FLAG_NONBLOCK,32,1024};

Comm Channel need you run server/client on DPU/host.

Your issue look like no backend app on DPU.

Please refer connection flow,

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