Command line compile error with a trial license

When I try to make the cuda samples coming with the PGfortran installation, I got this error

C:\Program Files (x86)\PGI\win32\2011\cuda\CUDA Fortran SDK>make
pgfortran -fast -o deviceQuery deviceQuery.cuf
PGF90-W-0471-CUDA Fortran feature license not found; CUDA Fortran features disabled (deviceQuery.cuf)
LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file ‘deviceQuery.exe’
make: *** [deviceQuery] Error 2

but I can compile cuda fortran code in the Visual Studio environment. Any suggestions ? I did download the license.dat and put it in C:\Program Files\PGI.


Hi timy,

The link error is most likely due to a permission problem in the “CUDA Fortran SDK”. Try copying the deviceQuery.cuf to your home directory and try compiling again.

As for the “CUDA Fortran feature license not found” warning, can you please send your license file to PGI Customer Support ( I’m assuming that you are using a trial license, in which case all CUDA Fortran features are enabled during the trial period. It’s unclear why license would not.