install probloem: CUDA is not available in this installation


I just download PGI accelerator Fortran/C/C++ workstation. As far as I can tell, I followed the install instructions. However, when I try to compile the first accelerator fortran code, I got:

pgfortran -ta=nvidia -Minfo main.F90
pgfortran-Warning-CUDA is not available in this installation; -ta=analysis assumed

What could be the reason for this problem? Thanks!

My system:
Ubuntu 10.04, x86_64
CUDA 4.0,
2 GPU: C2050/Quadro 5800.


That message occurs because the ‘cuda’ directory cannot
be found under $PGI/linux86-64/2011, or
the $PGI/linux86/2011

Have you defined $PGI ( I am assuming this is a Linux install),
and is the directory present? If not, reinstall, and make sure you
said ‘yes’ and ‘accept’ to the license terms and agreements.


Thanks jtull!

Reinstall fixed the problem. I must missed something in my first install.

Thanks again.

I decided to re-use this thread since I’m now having a similar problem with the most recent installation of the PGI 12.1 compiler for Linux.

Now, I did not install this personally - our sys admin did.

When I try to link I get the following complaint:

pgfortran-Error-CUDA version 4.0 is not available in this installation
pgfortran-Warning-CUDA version 4.0 is not available in this installation; -ta=analysis assumed

Is there any way for me to determine if CUDA was installed with the PGI installation?

Hi sslgamess,

The CUDA components we ship would be located in the “$PGI/linux86-64/2012/cuda” directory. If it doesn’t exist, then you’ll need to ask your admin to re-install the compilers, and select ‘yes’ when prompted if the CUDA components should be installed.

  • Mat

Hi sslgamess,
I was facing the same problem but I did the following steps and it worked for me.

  1. Delete the existing pgi installation directory
    $sudo rm -rf /opt/pgi

  2. cd to pgilinux-2012-128/

  3. make all install* files executables
    $ sudo chmod +x install_[a-z]*

or u can chmod the install files one by one. same effect.

  1. Now install the pgi product as usual by executing the install script
    $ sudo sh install