Command line or some script for A2F. Possible?

Is it possible to have command line or script, which

  1. Automatically starts A2F (gui or headless)
  2. Load some previously created scene (settings)
  3. Convert files in folder “C:\MyAudioFiles” to skeletal animations to folder “C:\MyUSDanimations”.
    Anyway, any possible automation workflow for this task.
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Hey zenyaz, we are currently working on a rest api to support headless batching and automated workflows in a2f. Please stay tuned for more details as we progress on the project.

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This is also very important for us. Wee need this asap :)

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I’ve created a feature request ticket for this so that I can track it with the development team.

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A feature request ticket was created from this post. OM-66066: Command line or some script for A2F. Possible?


This is something that we are currently working on for the next release.
we are adding a rest api which will be also able to be use headless.

Please stay tunned

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@RogerBR Do you know when this will be released?

@pekka.varis It is not confirmed yet, but we are aiming to release 2022.2 on December.


Thank you for the update.

Will this 2022.2 update (not confirmed) also allow for “live” audio streaming into a “live” headless mode that can generate a render “live”?

Live audio stream → Audio2Face live rendering headless → video stream out

Hi, any news about API?

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