May I use the Audio2Face with command line?

I know that the app already provides http interfaces. I wonder if I can call the app just with command lines?

Yes You can use Audio2Face Headless: Audio2Face Headless and RestAPI Overview - YouTube

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Get it. Thank you for the reply.

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But I found a problem… If I put it on my own computer and share it with my classmate, I need to write a request queue manager myself…Or I may get an animation generated with others’ wav file.

It is possible to configure the audio path through a REST API. The following REST API calls are available for this purpose:

To retrieve or set the root folder containing the audio files:

  • /A2F/Player/GetRootPath
  • /A2F/Player/SetRootPath

To retrieve or set the tracks in the player:

  • /A2F/Player/GetTracks
  • /A2F/Player/GetCurrentTrack
  • /A2F/Player/SetTrack

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