Command "make" Error using Ubuntu16.04 , Jetpack3.3 , Python3.6


I want to use Python3.6 or Python3.7 , but there are some errors as followed:

I use the command “whereis python” on cmd , and I don’t know why my python can’t be changed to python 3.6 or python 3.7. Is it correct ?

Please help me , thank you !

Picture one :
Picture two :"


The master branch is for JetPack4.2.1, which is Ubuntu18.04.
You can find the sample of previous JetPack with the different branch tag.

However, the python sample may not be available for JetPack3.3.
Is JetPack4.2.1 an option for you?


Suggestion to look at this since there are both default and specific versions of python:

ls -l `which python`
ls -l `which python2`
ls -l `which python3`
ls -l /usr/bin/python*

Also, use tab completion, just type “python” (no enter key), and then hit the tab key a few times…see what pops up.