Compatibility issue of TensorRT with python3.6

Is TensorRT installation is not supported for python3.6 ?
I am not able to bind it with python3.6?

If supported please provide installation instruction ?


TensorRT - 6.0.1
OS - Ubuntu16.0.4
Python - Python3.6
CUDA - 10.1

Hi @mohitranawat5,
Python 3.6 is supported with TRT.
Please check the support matrix for the same

Please follow the steps mentioned in the installation guide.

Also, we recommend you to use the latest TRT release for improved performance.


hi @AakankshaS ,
I am going by the steps mentioned in the document.
The command sudo apt-get install python3-libnvinfer-dev showing :-
The following additional packages will be installed: dh-python python3 python3-libnvinfer python3-minimal python3.5 python3.5-minimal
and then it is installing python3.5 and making it to point python3 and making tensorrt to point python3.5.
Can you please give some solution for this ?

Hi @mohitranawat5,
We recommend you to try NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) tensorrt optimized containers, which removes many of the host-side dependencies.