Support for python3.8 ?

I’m trying to install tensorrt for python3.8 but this line only makes it available for python3.6:
sudo apt-get install -y python3-libnvinfer-dev

Is TensorRT not compatible with 3.8 ?

Replacing it with python3.8-libnvinfer-dev doesn’t work.


Please refer below link for software version per platform:


Thanks, I could never get this page on google !

Do you know if there are any plans to release it for 3.8 ?

Python 3.8 gives access to new inter process communication methods (shared_memory) that are more efficient than what was available before. I would very much appreciate being able to work both with python3.8 and TensorRT !


Looking forward to Python 3.8 support on Ubuntu 20.04 …

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Any updates on plans to release TensorRT for python 3.8?

We could really need the new python features damien described.


is there any update on tensorRT on python 3.8 ubuntu 20.04

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python 3.9 is out

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