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Hi everybody,

I want to start using CUDA but I am not sure if it is supported on the older series of nvidia Graphics card 7XXX 6XXX.
Also, Does the nvidia graphics card on laptop equivalent to nvidia graphics card on PC. e.g. 7900 on laptop = 7900 on PC?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, CUDA is only supported on GeForce 8 series and Quadro FX 5600 GPUs. You can develop on other systems using the emulation mode, but it will not execute in hardware.

Yes, our laptop GPU products generally have the same features as their desktop equivalents.

Ah, So what is the best alternative for series 7 that you can recommend for GPGPU purpose.

What is emulation mode. Is it dependent software or option to be initialized from API’s?

Do you have series 8 for laptop because I tried to find a laptop on Dell site with series 8 and I could not?

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You will have to go through a graphics API such as OpenGL.

If you compile your CUDA code with some special compilation flags, it’s going to run entirely on the CPU, so you don’t need any GPU that supports CUDA obviously. As it currently is, device emulation is meant as a debugging tool, not a high-performance implementation of the CUDA programming model on the CPU.

Some of the new Centrino Pro laptops that are going on sales very soon come with a GeForce 8600.

Thanks very much both.

The laptop GPUs have been officially announced: