Laptops supporting nvidia

I notice that it is difficult these days to find laptops with nvidia. I want to know where can I find laptops that has nvidia 8800 series please with a resonable price. Aslo, with the oldest version of nvidia ( 8XXX and 7XXX ).


Err, I would say these days it is much easier to find laptops with NVIDIA graphics.

Sony, Toshiba, Dell and Apple are all shipping laptops with GeForce 8 series GPUs:

BTW, if this isn’t a CUDA-specific question you should post on the general forums.

On the CUDA Programming Guide Version 0.8 chapter 5.1, explicitely it specifies GeForce 8800 series and Quadro FX 5600/4600’s CUDA capability.

While on version 1.0 documentation chapter 1.2, it says CUDA is available for the GeForce 8 Series, Quadro FX 5600/4600 and Tesla solutions. And in Appendix A (page 63), it lists up to 11 NVidia products supporting CUDA.

Though I did not see any laptop NVidia products in this list. Does it mean that so far there is no any laptop CUDA hardware available?


Any 8-series GeForce or Quadro laptop GPU should support CUDA. In general we recommend GPUs with at least 256MB of VRAM, though.

As Simon points out, there are many laptops with these GPUs now – Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, and many other smaller names are shipping GeForce 8M.