Compiling nvopencc from source code

Hi all,

I’m currently trying to compile nvopencc from the sources available at on Ubuntu precise(32).
I’m using the target “targia32_nvisa” and I’m having a really bad time trying to make it work. First I had to edit ROOT_DIR in linux/make/gcommondefs to point the right directory. Then a header called “syscall_names.h” was missing as well as an entire source directory (namely “src/be/cmc”).
I must admit I have no idea what most of these modules do and I just want the whole project to compile. However for some reason the building looks totally broken. Can anyone tell me how I’m supposed to compile nvopencc ?

Thanks in advance,


ps: I already searched and it looks like very few people succeeded in this task…

Is there any reason in particular why you want to use the Open64 CUDA compiler? If you are just looking for an open source compiler that targets NVIDIA, CLANG/LLVM has a PTX backend in the trunk.

Thanks for your answer, I’ll look into that.