Connect a SSD to Jetson Nano. Which way to use? M2 SSD vs. M2 +adapter vs. USB 3.0 SSD vs USB to SAT...

Hello, I’m new to the Jetson Nano and ordered it yesterday :)

While I was searching for a SD card, I also started thinking about swap files because the 4GB Ram could be a bit too small for some Deep Learning stuff.
I know that SD Cards aren’t really good to use for swap files (they are not made for that many read/write cycles) so I’m now searching for a SDD solution.
I already found some SSD threads and solutions here on devtalk:

The M2 slot solutions seem to be good but are untested. Also, I don’t know about temperature issues with M2 SSDs which are directly connected to the M2 slot or via adapter.
So, the best way I think is to use an USB 3.1 SSD Drive or an USB 3.1 to SATA adapter. Maybe the USB SDD Drive (like the Samsung Portable T5 which consumes ~3W under load) is the best solution because using old SATA SSD Drives via an adapter may consume more power than modern USB SSDs.

Is an USB SSD for OS and swap files the best way? Or should I better use a M2 SSD or M2 adapter and try to get it working? What’s about speed difference between USB and M2 for swap files?

I would start with a USB3->SATA adapter (or enclosed SSD that has USB3 natively). They seem more straightforward to use at this stage.

On the M.2 front, there is this Key-E to Key-M adapter (also untested):

When the production Nano module is released and more 3rd-party carrier boards come outfor it, you will see more that have M.2 Key-M buil into the board (like Auvidea JN-30 carrier)

I ordered one of those from Amazon, Dusty. I will test with a few NVME SSDs when it arrives.

Thanks mdegans, yea let us know how it goes, could be a nifty adapter if it works reliably.

To answer OP’s question about swap, yes if you have the option to mount swap on an SSD, you may get better performance from it.

How many boot time you got?