NVIDIA Jetson Nano NVMe M.2 SSD Shield T100 by Geekworm and Suptronics

We release a NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2.5 inch SATA SSD/HDD T300 V1.0 Storage Expansion Board in a few days, please refer to https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1055967/jetson-nano/nvidia-jetson-nano-2-5-inch-sata-ssd-hdd-shield-by-suptronics-and-geekworm-/post/5353616/, Now NVMe M.2 SSD shield is come.

But there is no matching box for both T100 and Jetson nano yet, and we are preparing a matching metal case for T100.

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[About Power supply]
In fact, you can power directly Jetson nano only, thus T100 will be powered from USB 3.0. BUT you must use the high quality power adapter, this is very very important.

We recommend that you power Jetson nano and T100 via 1 female to 2 male DC cable.

Please let us know your suggestions.

We are prepairing another UPS HAT shield for Jetson Nano T200, and T200 can output up to 5.1V 8A, and it use 18650 battery, can provides continuous operations for up to 10~30hours (depending on battery type and qty used), can be stacked.

[Matching Metal Case]

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Great! Thanks for sharing!

Hi Geekworm,

Can you share performance results for NVMe SSD on the Nano via USB3.

Also, please provide details of the test command used for both read and write performance so we can use same commands for comparisons

Hi rapidproto, The speed is about 300MB/s

Thanks Geekworm.

I think it does not matter what type of SSD is used because the bandwidth limit is USB3 not the SSD.

regards, rapidproto

Theory data:
USB3.1 Gen1: 5Gb/8=640MB/s

300MB/s, What is the problem with this data?

Hi Geekworm,

Apologies for not explaining my response better.

I am referring to using NVMe vs SATA3 SSD, via USB3. There is no difference in I/O speed over USB3 between the two, however, a SATA3 SSD is much lower cost.

There is no question about the theory or the data, we get the same values as you for both NVMe and SATA3 via USB3 on the Nano.

Regards, Rapidproto