Why Jetson Nano needs NVMe SSD ?

Jetson NANO has 16G eMMC。 Why Jetson Nano needs NVMe SSD

The commercial Nano module has 16GB eMMC and the Nano devkit uses MicroSD card for storage. On a customized carrier you could implement M.2 NVME (as some ecosystem partners have done), but it is not strictly required.

Are you asking why didn’t nvidia use an nvme slot instead of an eMMC slot for the main storage?

Likely power: Power Management - The Samsung 970 EVO Plus (250GB, 1TB) NVMe SSD Review: 92-Layer 3D NAND

NVMe storage that makes the full use possible would likely increase the watt usage by 7w (The max power mode is currently 10w, so a huge power increase)

Additionally heat would be another factor.

If the Jetson Nano 2 arrives I hope it has:

  1. USB-C power for easier compatibility with power packs.
  2. USB-C thunderbolt data port(even if it costs the 4x USB3.0 ports), So I fully utilize an external SSD’s speed, as a balance between USB3.0 and nvme.

I think those two items would allow for a much better range of embedded systems. Especially if you can have a crazy huge swapfile for neural network training. How am I supposed to make the terminator with microSD card limitations?

thanks @dusty_nv and @startwarfields . What kind of scenarios need NVMe SSD ?

Note that embedded systems are expected to utilize the commercial Nano module, which a carrier could be customized or designed to provide all of the above. The Nano devkit isn’t warranted for production use.

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