My Jetson Nano

My Jetson Nano

Thanx Nvidia and Geekworm

Ice Tower in Geekworm T300 case booting from an external USB NVMe 256 GB SSD and an Intel WiFi/ Bluetooth card.

128 GB Transflash

Cool, nice looking setup! Thanks for sharing. What do you think you’ll be using your Nano for?

I am learning right now! I have three cams i am setting up on wireless, two esp-32 cams and a raspberry pi 0 w. I plan to give my nano eyes. My main vector is security. The R PI 0 W has way better camera quality as the ESP-32 cams have lines in the feed. So I think I am going to switch to R PI 0 W and solder antennae cable clips to them. The Nano is booting from USB SSD. Jetpack 4.3. I am using the Silicon Power 256GB - NVMe M.2 PCIe Gen3x4 2280 TLC R/W up to 3,100/1,100MB/s SSD (SU256GBP34A80M28AB) and the NVME SSD Enclosure,USB3.1 Type-C to NVMe M.2 Hard Disk Case 10Gbps,M.2 SSD Enclosure M Key Applicable to Size 2230/2242/2260/2280 for Samsung 960/970EVO/PROWD Black NVME SSD (Black). My speeds are very fast at 376.7 Mb at .27ms. I choose the NVMe memory so I could get a cable for the M.2 slot but I think I will have to bend the cable to get it out from underneath the module. I will lose WiFi then but I will just use the Ethernet Port to a WiFi router. I am also using the Nano as an entertainment piece because I use the House Screen as a monitor.

Also I let Jetpack set the Zram so I am not sure but I get quirks(buffering) in the Youtube feed. I used the USB SSD Zram before the December Jetpack upgrade and didnt have the quirks. So I am not sure if I am smart enough yet to set the Zram to the USB again.

The M.2 slot on the Nano devkit is M.2 Key-E, so I don’t think it supports NVME (like M.2 Key-M). There are some aftermarket carriers (like the Auvidea JN30) that have M.2 Key-M for NVME, but I don’t think it would work with the devkit. So I would just keep your WiFi module in the M.2 Key-E slot.

FYI, the ZRAM mounting is configured in the /etc/systemd/ boot script.