Jetson Nano Wifi 5 GHz Hardware recommendation

Hey there,

I would like to set up a 5GHz Wifi connection between two NVIDIA Jetson Nano in AP mode to stream video data.
I am looking for a USB wifi adapter that will work on a NVIDIA Jetson Nano as a client in a 5GHz connection.

My hardware setup consists of a NVIDIA Jetson Nano devKit and a Jetson Nano on the Leopard carrier board (LI-NANO-CB V1.2).

On the NVIDIA devKit a Lairid M.2 dual band card is used. This is intended to be the access point in the 5 GHz WLAN network.

The Jetson Nano on the Leopard carrier board will represent the client in the network connection. The Leopard carrier board has no M.2 interface so I need a WLAN USB adapter which i am searching for.

I have already done some research and found the following possible devices.

Driver package is usable for kernel version 2.6 -5.1. I currently use kernel version 4.9 on Nano. So it should fit…

Wiki page with manual to install driver:

Does anyone have experience with these USB WLAN adapters or can tell me if Jetson works with one of these devices.
I had bad experiences with USB WLAN adapters in the past (not working drivers, 2.4 Ghz works but 5 Ghz does not).

Maybe someone here can help me or give a recommendation.

Thanks and best regards !

Please refer to Jetson Nano -

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