Connecting jetson Nano to Wifi - Dongle D-Link DWA-131

Hi all

In order to connect my Jetson Nano (2GB) to Wifi, I bought a Wifi dongle which should be compatible, according to this topic :

D Link driver for Jetson Nano

Still, I can’t make it work, and actually don’t really understand the mechanics of it.

  1. Apparently, a driver has to be installed. Is it installed on the Dongle, or on the computer/jetson Nano ?
    If the driver has to be installed on the Nano directly, I am stuck : I don’t have any internet access on the Jetson Nano.
    Maybe it can be installed on my Windows Machine, and then transferred to the Nano ? (I already used WinSCP for file transfers)

  2. According to the D-Link Website, 3 Linux Drivers are available (D-Link Technical Support), for versions,, and But It seems to me that the Jetson Nano runs a Linux Kernel 4.9…

Any help for understanding this whole thing better, or how to make it work would be greatly appreciated.


PS : Apart from my Jetson Nano, my machine is running Windows 10

Moving post to Nano sub-category, the folks there will be in a better position to help you.

Not sure if it’s still an issue, but suggest to close this one for now. Thanks