D Link driver for Jetson Nano

I have wireless WIFI DWA 131 E1, but i am unable to find a driver that is supported by Jetson nano. Is there any driver available for DWA 131 E1 or DWA 132 B1 ?

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Hi vkhari93,

You may need to contact with vendor to see if they have driver for Jetson Nano.


I know it’s late but if anybody will have similar issue in the future, here you can find a working solution I tested myself on Jetson Nano with Jetpack 4.5

summarizing what they say:

  • List item download driver from here (D-Link Technical Support)

  • unzip and follow readme instructions on DWA-131_Linux_driver

  • instead of running make command run: make V=1 ARCH=arm64

  • finally run: make install

it worked for me after reboot

good luck!

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Thank Very Much. It worked for me