Jetson Nano - Driver for Wifi Adatpter TPlink AC1300

I have installed the the fresh OS avilable for Jetson Nano from Nvidia’s website.
I have a Wifi Adapter - tp-link AC1300 High Gain Wirelesws MU-MIMO USB Adapter Archer T4U .
But I can’t get it to run, i.e. I am unable to install the driver for this adapter.

This is the adapter that I have tried to install from the link below.

Please help

I have not looked for information on this particular adapter, but if the driver is available natively from within the Linux kernel (something you might have to compile, but not requiring a third party driver), then you should be able to install the driver via a kernel compile. Drivers provided in binary format must be for the arm64/aarch64 architecture. PC architecture (x86_64/amd64) won’t run on these CPUs. Check closely for whether the Linux kernel has a listed driver for this device; if so, then we can help, it won’t be difficult; if not, then unless the manufacturer provides an arm64/aarch64 driver, you won’t be able to use the device.

Side note: Firmware is also often required for wireless devices. Firmware is independent of architecture, and if the manufacturer provides firmware, then this can be used on a Jetson and won’t depend on architecture. This won’t matter unless a driver is available.

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