How to add wifi usb driver to Jetson nano

I don’t know why Jetson nano didn’t auto install driver from wifi usb? any suggestion? i’m using TotoLink N150USM. Thanks

Desktop PCs tend to include a method to auto detect and download drivers, whereas embedded systems do not. So the first thing to do is find out if there is a Linux driver available. If there is, then typically you’d compile the driver and then copy the driver to the right place on the Nano. Note that a Windows driver or an x86_64/amd64 driver on Linux won’t work since the architecture is different.

I briefly looked to see if I could see driver information, and found this:

Normally I wouldn’t go by only one URL for driver availability information, but then I went to the actual TotoLink site and they only listed Windows (there is no “official” Linux driver support from TotoLink):

It isn’t unusual that the manufacturer only offers Windows drivers, but some other unofficial third party driver does have support. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any such third party support, but if you research the drivers more, it is possible you will find Linux drivers (especially in source code format). If not, then you are probably out of luck.

Would anyone else know of a Linux driver source for this device?

Currently, I’m using Tp-link driver but I have to install it manually. Thanks linuxdev

If you follow the official docs, then you should be able to build the Tp-link driver as a module, and then copy it to the correct subdirectory of “/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/”. Run “sudo depmod -A”, and reboot. Should be available after that.