Installing Edimax WiFi Drivers

Hello all,

I thought I would post this separately as it’s a separate issue.

Does anyone know if there are wireless USB dongle drivers for L4T? I’ve tried to get an 8188CUS based wifi dongle working with the Jetson. Apparently it should work out-of-the-box; this has not been the case. I’ve tried the tutorial from the eLinux website, as well as many different drivers, but all of these different drivers have not been made for the stock kernel.


There should really be a sticky on a wifi thread. This question comes up repeatedly. Nobody has gotten wifi to work on jetson AFAIK. NVidia says they’re working on it.

I’ve boxed up my jetson and stuck it in the closet. It’s dead to me with no wifi.

Plus 1000!

At least they should mention on their homepage that Wi-Fi is not supported so that people don’t waste two days of their life.

Last try:

andzerb i have dongle based on RTL8188CUS and working fine in my custom kernel. can you write me what is idventor/idprocudt resulted by lsusb?