Jetson TK1 how to use USB wireless network card??

I have a USB wireless network card which is EP-N8508GS.I want to use this network card for TK1.what should I do?

Basically you need USB support (which is already there, no work needed) and support for that specific card, which has three possible requirements. First, a kernel driver; second, firmware; third user space wireless applications. Of those, only the driver and firmware require research. Driver and firmware can sometimes be researched through the specific card model, or more generically, via chipset (a network card not shown might work when using another network card driver if the chipset is the same).

Here is a list of known wireless compatibilities on TK1:

EP-N8508GS looks like a Realtek chipset, and I’ve seen references to it being supported on Linux, but I don’t see the specific chipset to name which driver is used. If you search for Realtek on the above URL it’s very likely that one of these will work. The one I think it is would be rtl8192cu, but I won’t guarantee it. So this plus whatever firmware will probably succeed.

I put the USB wireless card on my windows computer which shows that Realtek RTL8188CU Wireless LAN 802.11n USB2.0 Network Adapter.I find the network card in the list.Do I need to install the driver before using the wireless network card?
This is the fist time that I use the wireless network card in Linux.So thank you very much for you help.

I looked at the default L4T R21.4 config, it shows “CONFIG_RTL8188EE=m”. This means the kernel module/driver is already built and should load when firmware is in place (the module might load without firmware, but wouldn’t function correctly). I have not researched this card, but the information on the web page regarding firmware is the next step. If you have flashed to R21.4 the firmware might even be there already, but I don’t have the WiFi card so I’m not able to just look or test (and I don’t know what the firware requirements are for this particular WiFi card). Have you flashed to the most recent R21.4? What is the content of “/lib/firmware”?

cd /lib/firmware
ls -AF