How to connect Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U to Nvidia Jetson board?

I’m trying to connect 4G LTE Aircard 313U device to Nvidia Jetson to access internet from Jetson.
Could anyone please let me know if I need to install any drivers or any kind of settings need to be done in network connections?
Thank you

I do not have one of these cards, but docs I saw indicate most of these cards use the sierra driver. They simply are not installed by default, so you’d need to configure your kernel source to match the running kernel, and build the modules and install the ones corresponding to these options (only the modules need to be built):


linuxdev, thanks a lot for the reply.
I have installed the customkernel Grinch 21.2 and I’m newbie working on linux kernel.
It would be very helpful if you could point me towards any link, which describes how to configure the kernel.
Thank you.

The short form of the answer (which isn’t short) is that you need the source code (in this case the Grinch 21.2 source), and it needs to be configured as an exact match…followed by editing configuration for your particular needs. While your system is up and running the configuration for an exact match exists as /proc/config.gz.

Copy config.gz to your kernel source tree, decompress it (gunzip), and copy it to “.config” (I say copy instead of rename because you might want a comparison reference later). You’ll need package libncurses5-dev (or I think that is the name) to run “make menuconfig”. From there load .config and search for the driver to enable as a module.

One thing most always forgotten is that your system has a “localversion” which needs to be added in “make menuconfig”. When you type “uname -r” it’ll give a version. The version without localversion will be something like “3.10.24”. With localversion it appends a hyphen and some other stuff, e.g., “3.10.24-abcdefgh”, and the “-abcdefgh” would be the localversion. Setting this is required because config.gz does not set this, and module search paths require it. Note that the hyphen itself is required, it is not added automatically.

When installing modules you will not need to flash anything if versions stay the same. make modules install should be enough. If you need to start over “make mrproper” to clean it out, and put the .config back in. Everything else is the same as any other linux system, so kernel compile documents should be correct from anywhere. There are threads on this forum as well, although they are probably buried a bit.

This blogpost is a walk through on how to build a module and driver for an Intel wireless card on a stock kernel. It is a similar procedure to what it is you want to accomplish, but obviously not a step by step instruction manual.

Thanks for the info…I added this to the Jetson Links sticky topic.

Hello Developers!

Trying to install AirPrime 7354 devkit (4G/LTE) - AT&T to Jetson. Downloaded GobiNet/GobiSerial and added these models to the kernel (20.4). /dev/ttyUSB* and /dev/qcqm* devices are attached and the device is detected. GobiNet and GobiSerial detect the converter/device. When a connection is attempted ( Sierra SDK’s Sample apps - Connection Manager) , the app is “unable to find device” - during Enumeration.

/var/log/syslog -indicates packets from SDK ->MDM , but the MDM doesn’t talk to SDK.

Not sure what is missing to debug further.

Appreciate help!.

Hello Linuxdev and Kangalow,

I am also using the same 4G dongle which the OP has cited.
It is an At&T 4G LTE Modem with a 4G LTE Aircard 313U on it.

However, when looking for drivers, the AT&T and Sierra Wireless websites only have drivers for Windows and Mac OS.
Will the tutorial in that case too? Or will I have to buy a new 4G Modem that has drivers for Linux systems?


I’m not where I can look at drivers at the moment, but it is quite possible the linux kernel has a driver that can be added without going to the manufacturer site. Netgear has some related info but I haven’t had time to read this and will check it out tomorrow:

Hi Linux Dev,

I have installed the Grinch Kernel on my Tegra. Will the solution mentioned on the post work for it?
From what I understand the versions mentioned on the link are generic kernels.


Looks like all the web links related to this card were from the older 2.6 kernel days, and the driver now has an option in default kernels (it shouldn’t need patches, just enabling of the right modules).

I looked at a config for non-Grinch kernel config, as well as Grinch. I see what I believe to be the required option not enabled by default for the R21.4 non-custom kernel…but it is enabled on Grinch (CONFIG_USB_SIERRA_NET). So it does look like Grinch should do the job so far as kernel drivers are concerned.

Keep in mind that even with the driver installed, you will probably need a firmware package and whatever user apps are needed. I don’t have one of these cards so I can’t test or know what else is required.