WiFi Dongle not working on my Jetson Nano

Hi. I have a WiFi dongle that doesn’t work on my Jetson Nano.
In my theory, I think that the driver for this dongle still needs to be installed. The problem is, I don’t know how to install the driver for this dongle.

This is the dongle I have right now. COMFAST CF-WU815N


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I know nothing of the specific hardware, but I found a web page saying this can use either the Ralink RT5370 chipset, or the Realtek RTL8188GU chipset (depending on whether it is the first version, or verison 2):

If you monitor logs with “dmesg --follow”, and then watch what new log lines appear as you insert the USB device, information should be given on which chipset is found (and whether a driver is loading; Wi-Fi is complicated, and even if the driver is present you might need more setup).

FYI, Realtek is well supported out of the box for most Linux distributions. I’ve not heard of the Ralink before. However, you might run this command on the Jetson:
zcat /proc/config.gz | egrep -i '(realtek|ralink|8188|5370|comfast)'

I think you’ll see lots of Realtek, but nothing related to the version 1 Ralink chipset. That config.gz is basically the kernel listing what options it was compiled with…mostly drivers, and a list of what drivers were available. Symbols which are “=y” are integrated directly into the kernel, symbols which are “=m” are available as a loadable module, and those which are commented out (not set) with a leading has mark “#” can be built and added, but are not currently present.

If this is Realtek, then likely it is simple to set it up. If it is Ralink, then you will most likely need to get either the source code such that it can be built against this kernel, or else you’d need a binary compatible 64-bit ARM module for this kernel release (and that is a slim chance).

Hi yes. I confirmed it. The USB dongle is detected when I try the dmesg --follow. I also saw that it’s Realteak and not Ralink. However, I’m curious as to why it’s not able to detect any wifi. My dongle is working when I tried connecting it to other PCs

I don’t really know enough about Wi-Fi, so someone else will likely need to help with that. I can say though that I’ve run into cases where a certain software release won’t work with some routers (some sort of refusal to run with or without a given patch for security reasons). Sometimes a router also needs to accept the MAC address, and will ignore an unknown MAC address. Sometimes it is just due to using the wrong encryption protocol (e.g., defaulting to an older less secure method when the router is told to only accept a more secure method). Hopefully someone else can help with actual setup.

For when someone else answers you might want to add the output of:

  • iwconfig
  • rfkill

Incidentally, you could also provide the same output from those commands on a Linux box where the dongle works. A comparison would be useful.

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