Connecting Nanojetson with PLC

I have already seen posts on connecting Nano Jetson with PLC.I want to get more of a knowledge about comnnecting to a PLC from Jetson.

1.What are the factors to be considered for connecting with a PLC?I saw a few posts for a Siemens PLC.But in general what are the factors?

2.Does the PLC make and manufacture make the difference in the method in which we connect to the PLC from Nano Jetson?

Note:I am trying to a Connect to B&R PLC PP65.

Hi prasad.ragal,

I don’t have knowledge of connecting PLC with Jetson Nano, I think you can check the PLC product spec to know which I/O can be used and u can check the OEM DG, pinmux and schematic to choose a spare I/O (ex. GPIO) for this in hardware, and set the trigger in software to generate output signal from this I/O(ex. GPIO) to PLC.
You can also refer to below topic to see if can gain some ideas: