Connecting a RC receiver to jetson nano

I am trying to connect a RC receiver to the Jetson nano.
I am using the Radiolink r12ds receiver and an RC transmitter. Before, when I used my raspberry pi for the same purpose, I was able to read the signal from the receiver through the GPIO pins and approximate the timing between each pulse.
Therefor when I pushed the lever forward on my remote the timing between the pulses increased and that was then passed to my motor controller to control the speed of the motors.
Unfortunately, I am unable to do the same for the Jetson nano and I was wondering if it is in fact not possible or if there is an alternative way of connecting an RC receiver to the jetson?

We don’t see discussion about connecting the device to Jetson Nano. Please check which pins are connected with the device. And what the interface(SDIO, UART, …) is used for communication between Jetson Nano and the device. Probably would need to enable certain config and modify device tree, to rebuild/replace kernel for enabling the device.

For the receiver you can choose if it sends S-BUS signal or PWM. Each channel is then connected to GPIO pins on the Jetson. Currently I have pins 32 and 33 connected on the jetson

hello user137868,

these two pin were default configured as GPIO, you may download pinmux spreadsheets to have customization;
or, there’s an alternative way to enable Jetson-IO for Configuring Jetson Expansion Header.
you may also check via sysfs to confirm these pin have receive the data correctly.

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