Connection GPIO pins in Jetson nano to RMCS 1120 Driver

What are the GPIO Pins in Jetson nano that I will be able send commands to RMCS 1120 (Stepper motor driver).
The pins in RMCS 1120 driver are:
The above-mentioned pins I have to connect to the GPIO Pins on Jetson nano.
Tell me the GPIO Pins that I make a connection between the Jetson Nano and the RMCS 1120 driver.

Are you a collague of this guy?

is it possible to control three RMCS 1120 drivers with one Jetson nano board?

I don’t know. Maybe YES if you have enough GPIO pins available.
Please test it yourself.

Jetson nano have only 2 PWM pins (32, 33) in GPIO?

I don’t really know what you want to use.
You ask about GPIO in the first, and then you ask about PWM now.
Please check it yourself in the pinmux spreadsheet.

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