Stepper Motor(5V)

How to run 5v stepper motor using Jetson Nano GPIO Pins?

You are not very specific about what you have and want to do…
Most likely you will need a driver circuit (L293D, 28BYJ-48, ULN2003A).

For cabling etc. search for “stepper motor gpio” and you should find a lot of tutorials - they can easily applied to Jetson Nano…

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How to run Stepper motor and Servo motor parallel?

There are different types of servos, some are controlled with vendor specific controller boards (e.g. Dynamixel), others (the cheaper hobbyist servos) are controlled by PWM signal which can be done via Jetsons GPIO. In case you have more than two or three servos a dedicated servo controller is recommended (which can be controlled by serial/I2C from Jetson Nano)

Again, you are not very specific on what you want to do and your questions are very general and only loosely connected to Jetson, they can be easily answered by quick internet search…

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