ConnectX-3 dual port - Single mode/Multi mode on different ports?

I have a dual port ConnectX-3. On port 1, I have an 850nm Finisar multi mode SFP. On port 2, I’d like to use a fiberstore 1370nm single mode SFP. Does the card support this kind of configuration? Or would I need to use two cards?

Hi Mike,

Following the link to the Release Notes of latest Firmware version 2.42.5000 for the ConnectX-3 cards---->

Section 1.2 “Supported Cables and Modules” lists the Tested/Supported cables/modules. If you are using from this list, it should work. If not, we cannot guarantee if it will work or not.

If you face issues using supported matrix, as you have a valid support contract with us, you may open a support ticket with us.