ConnectX-3 - Permission Denied When Reducing Flexboot Menu Timeout


I’ve been using a Mellanox ConnectX-3 on my desktop for some time now, and have recently been considering replacing it due to slow system boot times . I finally took a moment to read the message displayed, and saw that there was a message about entering setup for it. I did, and saw that there is a 14-second timeout for that screen. I tried reducing this to 1 second, but when trying to save it, I receive the following message:
**Saving settings ... Setting flexboot_menu_to couldn't be saved - Permission denied (**

I’ve googled this error, and nothing is coming up (I see one other reference of someone receiving the same message for another setting, but there was no resolution of that mentioned in the thread).

Any ideas what could be preventing this setting from being changed?

Thank you

Hi NateR,

Please try to upgrade the NIC FW to the latest version 2.42.5000 first.
(NVIDIA Networking Firmaware Downloads)
Then if you don’t need to keep FW config, you can use this command to reset the NIC mlxconfig to default.

mlxconfig -d mt4099_pciconf0 reset -y
mstconfig -d mt4099_pciconf0 reset

Try to reboot system, and see whether the steps above works.

Longran Wei
Nvidia Support Team