Waiting for link-up on net0...

I’ve seen several of my Inifiband card hang at this error. Can you tell me if this is a bug or configuration issue:

This is installed in a HP G9 Proliant server. I’m attempting to pxe boot off of net1.

Attempting Boot From NIC

MLNX FlexBoot 3.4.225 (PCI 04:00.0) starting execution…ok

MLNX FlexBoot 3.4.225 initializing devices…

Initialization complete

Mellanox ConnectX FlexBoot v3.4.225

iPXE 1.0.0+ – Open Source Network Boot Firmware –

Waiting for link-up on net0…

Hello David,

Correct me if wrong: your issue is that pxe-boot process is not trying/attempted on port net1 because it’s stuck at port net0?

Can you going to flexboot menu of good and bad server after reboot by pressing Ctrl-B and share comparison.



You are correct. I’m attempting to pxe boot off of net1 but not because its stuck at net0. I’m required to use net1. But I cannot get passed net0.

I’m unable to get get into the mellanox configuration screen on the bad server since im going through the HP ILO console. I will update the thread if I can.

Here is a screenshot of the good server:

Issue is fixed. Upgraded the MLX drivers to fw-ConnectX3Pro-rel-2_40_5030-764285-B21_Ax-CLP-8025-UEFI-14.11.34-FlexBoot-3.4.746.bin

The issue is fixed in FlexBoot 3.4.746.

In the below image i’m not pxebooting but booting from disk. You can see that it no longer hangs at net0.