why is pxe boot not working as intended?

if i try to pxe boot from mellanox connectx4 or connectx5 nic,and it take ages. from the first dhcp discovery until ip is assigned and proceed tftp load take up to 40 seconds.

on dhcp server site i can see multiple dhcp discoveries until one offer is accepted from mellanox nic.

i am using a suse dhcp server and set up option 66, 67 and with intel nics or broadcom nic everything is working fine.

mellanox support said i need also option 60 on dhcp side, that pxe boot is working, if i set up option 60 to “PXEClient” than all other vendors abort pxe boot with error e55 except the mellanox nic.

if i remove option 60 again from dhcp server site, pxe boot is working on all other vendors fine, expect mellanox. and in the back tcpdump and dhcp server log i can again see multiple discovery/offer attempts but mellanox nic is only accepting dhcp offer after the 4th attempt without option 60.

any clue? why and what to do that i have a dhcp-server pxe setup which is working for all vendor nics?



Hi Sven,

I saw that you have a Mellanox Support Case opened with us and being addressed by our EMEA Support Team, I will close this community case accordingly.