Dell r620 or r630 compatibility with ConnectX-3 infiniband (MCX354A-FCBT)

My Dell r620/r630 machines will not recocognize MCX354A-FCBT before installation of operating system. This makes network boot/installation over card impossible. Is there a way to flash firmware so the cards will be recognized by the system/iDrac? Any show-stoppers with this card and these machines (ie. they’re not the Dell version of the hardware)? Is there a firmware update that can be installed with iDrac, or do they all require installation of an operating system as a pre-requisite?

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You can burn the following f/w on the HCA which includes Flexboot →

Flexboot enables PXE Boot. For more information, please review the Flexboot UM →

Also make sure, on your Dell, you only enable the adapters you want to use for PXEBoot in the BIOS of the system. Too many adapters enabled for PXEBoot, will use BIOS memory, which then results in the Mellanox adapter not showing up as PXEboot adapter. For more info on how-to change the BIOS, please review the Dell System information.

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I’m so grateful for your reply.