Connectx-3 VPI not seeing switch

We have a brand new IBM RackSwitch G8316 . The settings are more or less the defaults (we did change the IP address on the switch in order to access the admin interface, but that’s basically it). I purchased three ConnectX-3 VPI cards to put into two Windows 7 PCs and one CentOS box. We’ve got the WinOFED drivers (v 5.10) installed in the Windows boxes, cards are recognized and everything seems to be ok on the software side. Haven’t done the Linux box yet. We are using these cables. And one of these .

  • When the Windows machines are connected to the switch, the switch isn’t seeing them, no lights on the ConnectX cards either.

  • When the Windows machines are connected to each other, they light up, and they see each other via arp in the windows command prompt

  • When one port of the switch is plugged into another port, forcing a loop, the switch recognizes the connection.

But when the Windows machines are plugged into the switch - nothing. Windows is reporting that the cable is unplugged. It is not.

Any idea what might be happening here? Thoughts on how to proceed with testing?

Hello Perry,

This may be caused by old firmware on the ConnectX-3 adapter.

The firmware should be at least 2.32.5550 for ConnectX-3 adapters.

I recommend updating the adapter fw to the latest version which has improved compatibility.

You can see the current firmware version using the vstat command.

The WinOF driver supports the 64 bit version of Windows 7 only (not 32 bit) with no virtualization ( no SR-IOV).

Also, if the switch is running older software that could prevent it from linking with certain adapters/switches.

I should point out that we also have a FreeBSD box running FreeNAS with a Chelsio 40GbE card in it. That’s connected to the switch via the 2m Tripp-lite cable mentioned above, and is working perfectly with no configuration needed on the switch side. It was auto-detected an the link is active. I tried that same cable with the Mellanox cards and it’s not working.

The issue seems to be with either the Mellanox cards and this switch, or with the cables, maybe?