Connectx-4 VPI driver for VMware

Can you shed any light as to when there will be VPI/Infiniband support for the connectx-4 card inside of VMware/ESXi6. I am specifically interested in a srp driver. I noticed you seem to be favoring iser, but we see over 2x the performance of srp vs iser on the connectx-3 cards. Can you please let me know your position on future driver development. I am a little surprised that you offered Ethernet only drivers for VMware and the connectx-4 cards to this point.

Thank you


You said no VPI/IB support is scheduled for the near furure.

I think you must remove some specification from your VPI product spec sheet.

ie. SRP, iSER, vSphere (It can only support VxLAN offloading on vSphere)…:(

I agree with you…:)

I think most problem caused from changed environments.

At first, VMware moved to ESXi.

That’s a compact hypervisor kernel, not a general purpose Linux kernel. The age of vSphere ESX 4.x, I saw a some difference between ESX and ESXi.

Some IB command wasn’t supported in ESXi host.

vSphere VMCI feature was deprecated. I expect that will be a key point. I think RDMA support in VM environment via vmci on ESXi hypervisor.

You can find some information on google via keyword vRDMA.

Sure! There is a overhead but it is not a HPC environment. It is more fast then general purpose ethernet protocol.

VPI+EN multi function support also same.

SRIOV on virtualization environment will be a major interface for high performance vm network.

I have to agree with Jae-Hoon above, these cards are Ethernet only on ESXi and it is definitely stated otherwise, I also show them with a release in 2014 so its really a shame we still do not have that capability. Id rather see you release SRP support vs take it out of your marketing material though =). Is it that difficult to port your existing code from Linux to Esxi? That is the worst part of this in my opinion… you have already done it with Connectx-4 cards under Linux, and you have already done it with Connectx-3 cards under Linux/VMware. Mellanox seems ok with letting the supported features lessen with future product generations and it is alarming.

I’m not sure Mellanox is “favoriting” iser over srp as a principle, It’s just that iser is more scalable and more robust then srp within ConnectX-3 product.

Correct. currently only mlnx-NATIVE-ESXi6.0-ConnectX-4 ETH Driver is available and no VPi/IB support is scheduled for the near future.

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