Do you have a plan to support vSphere 6.5?


vSphere 6.5 launched and all of my ESXi host upgrade latest 6.5.

I want to use real infiniband performance on my ESXi 6.5.

Do you have a plan to support infiniband on vSphere 6.5?

I’m heard some source that you deprecate ConnectX-3 support on vSphere.

Best Regards.

Well, if Connect-X3 is not supported by the new drivers, we won’t have much of a choice but try these old drivers with ESXi 6.5…

I’m tried PVRDMA, but there were some issues.

You can find it on vSphere 6.5 release note.

I think this is very curious.

I heard some information that Mellanox co-work with VMware to support RDMA, vRDMA on ESXi hypervisor last several years.

But almost strong feature was gone to somewhere…:(

My tiny labs switched dual SX6036G ethernet based infrastructure, but not RDMA.

I can’t trust Mellanox’s driver support & PB anymore.

I’ll change ethernet fabric switch from other vendor then all of our SX6036G going to trash bin.

Good bye Mellanox.

Have you tried using the currently existing Mellanox drivers (1.8.2.x) on ESXi 6.5?

No, I don’t want it.

I want to install public release driver that include infiniband storage driver, too.

I see…

Good luck!

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