MLNX-OFED-ESX- - Where is a Storage protocol support?

I saw a NEW MLNX-OFED-ESX- driver on Mellanox web site.

There is many advance in this driver, but I can’t find Infiniband STORAGE SUPPORT (SRP or iSER).

How can I install a Storage Protocol ULP vib to this driver based ESXi environment?

Hello Jae,

Please look the release notes to see what is supported.

In order to install VIB, using the following CLI:

esxcli software vib install .

Please don’t ignore SRP support moving forward, it is the best performing option you have! I don’t understand the sudden swing away from srp under VMware. is there some driving force behind this decision or is it some how more difficult to provide and therefore delayed?

There is a core driver dependencies.

Therefore I can’t install SRP or iSER vib on driver…:(

driver works great!

I want another option that SRP!

How can I install SRP vib on vSphere OFED

If you (Mellanox)can’t support SRP, is there another protocol like iSER?

Since VMware was move from ESX server hypervisor to ESXi compact hypervisor then nightmare was started…

Your vSphere OFED driver was been going to backward every time.

Disappeared multi-port support that was not a critical, because of VLAN support fortunately.

Disappeared VPI+ETH Multi-Protocol support.

Disappeared SRP support on vSphere OFED 1.8.0 for ESXi 5.0 that release very lately.

Then …

Nobody knows when it’ll be launch vSphere OFED for a vSphere 6.0 VPI support.

It’s a incredible long wait for vSpehre OFED histories.

I’m also read some information on pdf files about next generation vSphere OFED factors.

But it’s just only a theory!

Silent is not a gold…:(

vSphere OFED for Ethernet driver, too!

Why did you remove your unique features every time?

Absolutely it’s a strong point in a high performance multi protocol virtualization environment market!

I’m a infrastructure general manager in my company and consult to our customer.

But I can’t say that Mellanox is a best interface for vSphere environment to my customer anymore!

Best regard.