Mellanox Drivers Needs Contract?

I have a small Mellanox SAN for an ESXi lab. I’ve been running ESXi 5.1 on it, so I decided to experiment with 5.5 and 6.0 to get experience. When I went to the drivers at it said:

NOTE: To obtain the driver for ESXi 5.X v1.8.2.4, please contact .

So, I contacted support, and got this reply:

According to our records, we could not locate any valid contract for you.

How does one get drivers without a support contract?

See here:

iSCSI RDMA (iSER) Performance Acceleration - Demo


For the roadmap you need to contact Mellanox sales, this is not something we publish on the community.




Mellanox provides a build of OFED tested and certified in house including extra tools and features. Other then this option, you can obtain the stack from the OpenFabrics project of use the OS kernel built-in driver.

For the Mellanox OFED option the company only charges for support and the driver is given free of charge.


Is there a way to get the drivers for noncommercial purposes?


Hi! iSER support driver was very rock solid operation on vSphere 5.x and 6.

But if create a host profile then alway shows a fail with general system error.

I’m also saw a new vSphere OFED on your public site but there isn’t storage support.

Do you have a roadmap in this year for new vSphere OFED?

I’m also contact Zadara that company serve a iSER target storage.

Our customer will migration the storage for vSphere environment, but your slow driver update was majority problem.

Do you know any information about it?