SRP alternative

HI All,

I’ve certainly had some issues with SRP operationally.

  • No Windows support
  • Vmware also don’t support on ESX 6 plus
  • Clean disconnects from ESX5 and Linux SRP clients seems almost impossible

My question really is if SRP as a protocol isn’t really being developed or focused on what should be the replacement protocol ?

My requirements are:

  • RDMA
  • Block devices
  • Target will be either Solaris or Linux
  • Infiniband fabric (40G fabric, with some connectx2 but mostly connectx3)
  • Linux clients
  • Vmware clients (ESX 6 plus)
  • Windows (a nice to have)

Regards, Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Multiple Storage protocols are available (iser,srp,nvmeof,nfsovrdma) though some protocols my not be supported based on the OS/Kernel/Driver implemented (Mellanox OFED Driver).

The RN of our driver needs to be consulted in order to have a clarification about the OS/Kernel/Protocols supported.

Can you please provided additional information on your current deployed environment?

OS/Kernel/Driver version on the initiator side & target side

Any virtualization? If yes, SRIOV or PV as well as the OS/Kernel/Driver on the VM’s

What is the backend Storage device vendor & model?

For all related Oracle Solaris questions, please refer to Oracle as we do not provide a driver for Solaris.